4 Reasons Your Real Estate Listings Are Not Selling

1. Poor Property Photos

One of the most significant issues with listings we see is poorly photographed properties. While iPhones can do an incredible job, knowing the right angles, and how to light a room is what differentiates your property from the next one. Hiring a professional photographer will take this stress off of you. They know how to light a room; they know the best angles to help capture the size of a room. Using a mix of both wide angles and closeups of sensory details help evoke emotion and can allow someone to feel like they live there. One more thing you can do to level up your listing is to get drone photos of the property instead of relying on a pixilated Google Satellite image.

2. You Need a New Headshot

Now that you have incredible property photos, it’s time to work on your personal brand. A great headshot that represents you is essential because the first interaction you have with a client will most likely happen digitally. Their first impression of you will be based on your headshot. It is crucial to have a consistent look between your LinkedIn account, website, postcards, brochures, proposals, and even the for sale sign you have placed on properties. Professional Realtor headshots to use in your digital and print marketing will help you stand out from the crowd of the real estate agents in your area.

3. You’re Not Connecting with Your Local Market By Hosting Open Houses

It would help if you hosted open houses. Beyond trying to sell the home, open houses are an incredible way to generate new leads and share the rest of your listings with a captive audience. If you are trying to expand to a new local market, an open house is an incredible way to get your foot in the door. Something many agents don’t consider is how much it will help to gather your market research for the area.

4. You Have No Social Media Strategy

Like it or not, the new way of promoting real estate is through social media. Creating a brand for yourself and promoting within your network are the ways homes are sold. It would be best if you did not try to be everywhere, though. Rather than having mediocre accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, you should pick one platform and run with it. If you plan on doing videos, spend the time to learn how to do it well and keep it short and sweet, and target either Youtube or Instagram TV. For photos, stick to just Instagram and Facebook, no one wants to see a video slideshow of the images on Youtube. Along with posting pictures, posting helpful tips or articles that would be home buyers or sellers is a great way to help build your brand and drive some traffic. Most importantly, make a plan, and stay consistent, don’t post random things to fill the space, do your best to build value with every post.

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