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Here’s a roundup of my top picks for our exclusive NNN QSR listings in Florida and other tax-free states that have low-interest-rate financing available. We can provide you with loan quotes from multiple lenders and cash on cash return analysis for each investment. Contact Michael Salafia for more information.

(Actual financing available is dependent on buyer and lender.)

 As discussed please find the links to download the Wawa offering memorandum (OM) below. 

Wawa Ft. Pierce OM
Wawa is investing $6 million in constructing the site, and rent will commence in October 2021. The site is currently under construction. Keep in mind, Wawa generates profits from their convenience store. Gas is a draw to bring customers through the door, which could be replaced with innovations to the automotive energy market. 

I’d also suggest taking a look at several of our other deals for comparison. 

Michael Salafia

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