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outback steakhouse nnn for sale

Outback Steakhouse NNN Cap Rates Are Moving Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

The following table shows my latest Outback Steakhouse Sales Comps Analysis. On-market, I forecast well-located properties with long-term leases trading around a 5.5% cap, to as low as 4.8% cap forward. Off-market, I’m getting all-cash offers at a 6.5% to 6% cap rate range. 

What’s Your Outback Steakhouse Worth?

In today’s market, there are numerous factors to consider. The impact of the pandemic is still prevalent. However, investor confidence in the casual dining sector continues to improve as more states lift indoor dining restrictions to prevent permanent closures. I’ve personally analyzed over 25 Outback Steakhouse in the past month and have numerous under contract. This gives me a deep perspective on the real-time dynamics of the market.

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